Hey there,
I'm Katy.

Photography for 
Awesome Humans

...and I'm so freaking glad you're here.
My goal is to keep you laughing, strive for something different, and provide tangible memories in the form of intentionally epic images. 

I do not take a normal approach to photography. I'm sure you've heard that before. But seriously. If you're looking for someone to pose the crap out of you, it won't be me. Here's what I will do though. I will make you laugh and I will make you feel comfortable. That's the magic.

I know it can be awkward AF to have your photo taken. I'll crack jokes, we'll play ice breakers, I'll make fart noises for the kids (and let's be real, the adults too). In the end, I'm here to photograph you in your element with people you love. Why shouldn't it be full of laughter and fun? 

Epic times cause for epic measures. Meaning, I'm going to do whatever I have to do to get the shot. Even if that means I tell your grandma (in the nicest way possible), to stop wandering off. You will never have to worry if I'll get the shot, or if your veil rips, because I'll handle that too.

Let's Do the Damn Thing

I turn weddings into parties

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Or maybe not. But we probably will. I am not above bribery, and you shouldn't be either.  Never have to worry about them smiling for photos again. But I have two rules that you must follow during sessions... 1. Never say no. and 2. Trust me.  

Let's Bribe Your Kids

family photos that don't suck

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Let's take a selfie

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