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2016 was full of really awesome things. I celebrated 10 years in business, I was fully booked before the year even started. There were so many things that were good.

There were also so many things that were bad.

2017 is a different year for me. It’s a year of blogging (probably not regularly, but something is better than nothing), it’s a year of being open and honest and vulnerable with you. Vulnerability does NOT come easy for me. I am nothing but honest, but being vulnerable… *shudders* Yuck. It leaves too many open spots that people can judge and criticize. But that changes this year. You see, even though 2016 was awesome for a lot of reasons, it was really terrible too.

(and here’s where I get vulnerable)

My customer service was absolutely, completely, terribly awful. Abysmal. I promised a lot of things and didn’t deliver. I had longer than ever turn around time. Emails were going unanswered for weeks. Guys, THAT IS NOT ME. That is not how I want my business to be run. It’s NOT OKAY. I let personal things get in the way of a flourishing business. I said that I was going to say no, and I didn’t. I overbooked myself and then felt guilty when I couldn’t take my daughter to do fun things because I was stuck inside working. Then I would take some time for myself (including grocery shopping) and would feel bad doing that. It was a cycle that lasted all year long. I had friends offer to help and then I’d turn them down. Because I AM WOMAN, HEAR ME ROAR. I can do it all on my own!

Guys, I can’t. I can’t shoot 35+ weddings, 72+ sessions, edit all of it, email all of it. I am not making ANY excuses, I just can’t. And that’s me being honest. Because the way I want to run my business and the way I want my clients to feel…I just can’t do that with those numbers. I want every single one of my clients to feel like they are my only client. Some of my clients probably feel that way, but I know others don’t. And I know there are others who, not only don’t feel like they’re important, but they feel forgotten. I have said sorry so many times, and I know they don’t believe me anymore, but I am so sorry. I am sitting here with tears streaming down my face, begging those clients to forgive me. I failed, and I failed hard.

You are important. You are important. You are important. 

After all of the failures of 2016, 2017 will be a turning year for KDP. Emailing, turn around times, ALL OF IT, will be so much faster. That’s not just a promise, but a guarantee. There will be many things that will go into this, but taking on less sessions and weddings is the first step.

I really am truly sorry, and I can’t wait to show all of you what I’m made of this year.




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