Wedding Survival Kit | 23 Things You’ll Need and Probably Forget on your Wedding Day


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Wedding Survival Kit

We’ve all been there. You desperately need a bobby pin or, God forbid, a tampon and there are none to be found. For guys, it could be a pair of socks or some super glue. One day you really don’t want this to happen on, is your wedding day! Putting together a Wedding Survival kit could really save you on the big day. It seems like no matter how organized my couples are, they always forget something. When putting your bags together for the day of, consider making a Wedding Survival Kit! And use this list to help you get started.

  1. Allergy Meds: No one needs a sniffly nose or allergic reaction on a wedding day
  2. Chapstick: Yes, you might be wearing lipstick; it doesn’t hurt to have it. Grooms, I’m talking to you!
  3. Sewing Kit: I can’t tell you how many times we’ve needed to pull the sewing kit out. I’ve fixed veils, dresses, shoes, you name it.
  4. Anti Thigh Chafing Stick: My favorite is this one by MegaBabe. Seriously for men and women!
  5. Mints: Never gum, always mints.
  6. Tissues: The small packs are great for parents seats and can easily fit in a suit jacket pocket
  7. Phone Charger: Never leave home without one. And don’t forget the wall plug too!
  8. Small First Aid Kit: Many venues will have bigger First Aid kits available. It’s nice to bring your own small one for just in case!
  9. Bug Spray: Especially if you’re any part of your wedding day will be held outside. Nothing like wearing a bikini on your honeymoon covered in bites!
  10. Super Glue: You never know when a heel will break. I prefer the Gorilla Glue brand, it will hold anything!
  11. Bobby Pins: You can always ask your hair dresser to leave a couple extra. Get ones that match your hair color
  12. Safety Pins: For when the sewing kit just doesn’t cut it…
  13. Bluetooth Speaker: Pump up the jams. No one wants awkward silence during prep time, tunes help! Step it up and make a special playlist
  14. Deodorant: I mean, do I even have to say it?
  15. Extra Socks: Grab an extra pair or two of black dress socks. You can always return them if you don’t need them!
  16. Baby Wipes: Baby wipes will remove ANY stain. I’ve cleaned thick mud off of a bridesmaid dress with baby wipes. They’re great for makeup too!
  17. Lint Roller: Keep the suits looking fresh.
  18. Scissors: You would be surprised how often you’ll need scissors on your wedding day.
  19. White Chalk: If you can’t completely remove a stain, color it in with white chalk. It works!
  20. Floss/Toothbrush: This kind of goes with mints, but no one wants spinach hanging out in their teeth during portraits.
  21. Blotting Papers: Blot away the sweat and oil without removing your makeup. Really great for those hot summer days
  22. Granola Bars: Or some kind of snack. Wedding day on an empty stomach is a recipe for disaster. Eat, trust me.
  23. Acetaminophen: It will be easy on your stomach but keep away any headaches

It isn’t a crazy list. Pretty simple actually! You can find pre-made survival kits at many bridal stores and on Amazon. The best way to tote it around is in something with handles and a lid. That way nothing falls out, but it’s easy to carry. Make this a project for your bridesmaids to put together.


Did I miss anything? Let me know in the comments!


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