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Engagement Session Prep

Engagement sessions are not stressful. If you’re feeling stressed out, stop what you’re doing and read these next few tips. Engagement sessions are some of my very favorite sessions to photograph. They aren’t just a way to get to know your photographer, or practice in front of the camera. They’re a great way to get in an extra date night! Who doesn’t love a great date night.


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Location is a big thing to choose for your engagement session. Your location will determine a lot of things for your session. Think about a place that is meaningful. Maybe you’re both really into craft beer. Let’s meet at your favorite local brewery. Not only does this make the photos a little more special, it will help you and your partner relax.  Also, liquid courage. Maybe you met in college and we go walk around campus for photos.

If you don’t have a specific place you can think of, ask your photographer! They likely have some favorite spots, and it will be a new place for you to make memories together.


Honestly, this is something that couples stress about the most. Think about your location. If you’re going to a field, or doing a lot of walking, heels and a fancy dress probably won’t be the best decision. The best way to have someone check out during a photo session is to put them in uncomfortable shoes. Maybe your fiance loves wearing graphic tees, let them! Throw on a layering button up (unbuttoned, of course) over the top and I promise it’ll be perfect. You don’t like your arms? Don’t wear something sleeveless. When it comes to outfits, I always tell people to “read the room”. If you wouldn’t normally wear a sweater in the summer, don’t wear one for photos. Hot and sweaty makes for mean and grouchy. Be you, dress like you, and be comfortable!

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Trust and Have Fun!

Okay, so technically this is a two parter. The very best things you can do to prepare for your engagement session, is to TRUST your photographer and remember to HAVE FUN. Spend a little extra time snuggling, kissing, LAUGHING, and just generally having fun. Photos might not be your  idea of a good time, but take a step back and remember why you’re there. To celebrate you and the one you love!


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